Relocation Management

Is your company planning a move to a new office or changing floors within the same building? Or is your company moving entirely remote, and ending the lease on your current office? It can be overwhelming to manage the many moving pieces associated with an office relocation. 

At KGO, our office relocation management team will guide you through planning, coordination and execution of your transition.

Moving to a new office involves many time-consuming tasks. These include purging items that are no longer needed, packing and shipping valuable items, assessing furniture, and decommissioning the office space. All of this must be taken care of while continuing to maintain a high level of productivity in your company. Because office relocation management can get complicated fast, you need an experienced team of specialists.  

We are experts in office relocation management in Washington, DC, Baltimore and beyond. The KGO team collaborates with companies to build relocation timelines, identify necessary support and, most importantly, provide a seamless move for your staff. With our expertise, your company will adapt to your new space with minimal disruptions to your day-to-day workflow. 

"I need help with..."

Day-to-Day Moves, Adds, and Changes

Providing dedicated on-site relocation managers to proactively manage on-going moves, adds, and changes, including employees, furniture, organizational restructures and restacks.

Major Relocation Projects

We go beyond coordination by providing our clients with the materials and knowledge to prepare each employee for all industry relocations, renovations and headquarter restacks. We take the lead in the move schedule, budget, vendor procurement and furniture coordination, move supervision and post move support.

Fixtures, Furniture, and Equipment (FF&E) Management

Our experts specify new furniture, inventory existing furniture for reuse, and develop space plans to align with your organization's goals. We manage furniture procurement, supervise installation, and coordinate all punch-list items through post move occupancy.

Let’s start with one project.

Planning an office relocation can be extremely complicated, especially when you are coordinating employee relocation for a large team. Relocation experts simplify this process and set your team up for success in your new office.  

Office relocation specialists are responsible for each aspect of your move. This empowers your team to maintain a sharp focus on your own work. From hiring movers to inventorying furniture for reuse, our relocation experts support your company throughout the entire process of the transition. Plus, we keep you informed every step of the way.  

When you partner with KGO for office relocation management, our team becomes an extension of your real estate operations team. This enables us to:  

    • Assess all components of your organization: We develop an office and employee relocation plan that best aligns with your company’s interests and goals  
    • Assist in evaluating existing furniture for re-use: This drives significant cost savings for your relocation, while maintaining your objectives and productivity. 
    • Provide clear and concise communication: Your employees are always informed about the move and are fully prepared in advance. They may even have a little fun on the way! 

Our team is equipped to support your company at various stages in the process of your office relocation. Here are a few examples of the relocation management services you can leverage:  

Project management

Office relocations can get complicated fast because there is a lot of work to be done in a short window of time. With support from relocation experts, you will ensure no pre-move task is left incomplete. Plus, you can feel confident knowing that you have expert support should any surprises impact your office relocation throughout the process.  

Strategy and consulting

Companies don’t just move into a new office space on a whim. They often move because their former space no longer serves their needs. We work with you to find out what was missing from your previous office, so we can craft a space supporting the work you need done. Through identifying useful technologies or tailoring different spaces to unique functions, we help you build a workplace that suits your company objectives.   

Furniture management

Furnishing an office can be a major investment, so we assess your current furniture and identify what will be needed in your new space. This allows us to use what’s already available to you, so you only invest in pieces you absolutely need. As a result, you reduce waste and save money.   

Plus, the furniture in your new office space will have a major impact on your team’s productivity. Our experts specify new furniture, inventory existing furniture for reuse, and develop space plans to align with your organization’s goals. We manage furniture procurement, supervise installation, and coordinate all punch-list items through post move occupancy. 

Moving and shipping

To coordinate a successful office relocation, you need a trustworthy team of movers. Our relocation experts will work with you to identify any special support that may be needed to secure documents or technology during your move. Then, we will collaborate to hire moving companies that can meet your needs. 

We use a seven-step process to plan, execute and finalize a relocation.   

    • Pre-move coordination: After a project kick-off meeting, we prepare a master project schedule, a move list, and a file migration plan. Everyone involved will know what’s happening, when and their role in the move. We work with your existing office and new space to pin down the seemingly minor details like where to park and which elevators to use. 
    • Furniture Coordination: Next, our relocation specialist will inventory the existing furniture and work with you to determine what furniture can be reused. If any existing furniture will not be relocated to the new space, we will arrange for the items to be donated, recycled, or disposed of. 
    • Employee Engagement: Throughout the entire relocation process, we maintain communication with you and your team, so everyone understands their role. This will include writing and distributing move guidelines, progress meetings, and packing demonstrations. 
    • Vendor Coordination: We will prepare RFPs for vendors needed for the relocation, such as the movers, then work with you to select vendors.  
    • Packing: We ensure everything is packed, labeled and ready to move. 
    • Move Supervision: When it’s time to move, we focus on getting everything to the right place, so your staff can easily unpack and get to work. We provide relocation specialists at both the origin and move destination to ensure a seamless experience. 
    • Post Move Support: KGO provides a help desk to support your team in the days following the move. Should you have any issues connecting technology or locating any items, we are with you every step of the way. 

Transitioning into a new office space is challenging, especially when you’re tasked with a massive employee relocation, downsizing an existing office space, or safely shipping special equipment. As relocation experts, it is our job to make this transition as easy as possible for your team.  

We have the experience and knowledge necessary to develop a thorough office relocation plan. Then, throughout the execution of this plan, our relocation experts act as trusted representatives to your team. We work on behalf of your company’s goals and unique office needs.  

Should any hiccups arise throughout the relocation process, your relocation experts can identify the best solutions. There are many moving parts to consider when moving your office, including societal factors like supply chain delays and economic inflation.  

Our relocation experts analyze challenges arising due to turbulent economic times and propose the best solutions to help your team save money and avoid delays. We will handle the work of identifying problems and developing solutions, so you can simply select the pathway that best aligns with your budget and goals. 

Ultimately, relocation experts provide a smooth transition to your new space. With our support, you can continue focusing on your primary business objectives, with minimal staff interruption and limited downtime.  

Once you have committed to moving your team, it is time to consult a team of relocation experts to begin planning the transition. Getting a relocation management team involved early ensures your company is moved in on time and has everything you need to achieve your goals. The more time you can offer your relocation specialists to plan for your move, the better.   

Still have questions about office relocation management? 

If you are in need of support planning and coordinating your office and employee relocation to a new space, let’s have a conversation. Through sharing your business goals and workspace priorities, our relocation experts will demonstrate how we can support you during your transition. Get in touch to hear our plan for getting your team, furniture and equipment moved into your new office space on-time with minimal productivity loss.